CVB-43/珊瑚海/Coral Sea

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       I am living in Flagstaff which is a peaceful and small town. All
kinds of emotion happens in this town can be described as beautiful for
me. I even enjoy the loneliness here. I consider if I am able to spend
more time in this town, I will finally achieve are conciliation between
myself as I’ve already attained enough sereneness from this town to
accept the real face of life. I will stop chasing for the so-called
freedom and be a good daughter and wife for the people who love me. I
will accept the fixed views for women. I will become a shallow person
because shallowness makes optimism. I will settle down in Beijing,
accepting the crowd and thinking I am a member of them. I just desire a
place where people are not familiar with me so that I can get the
biggest freedom of being myself. But life pushes me ahead. My next stop
is Manchester in England. Once a friend told me that Manchester was a
modern city and everything was so accessible. She was excited but
ignored my disappointment. For me the best time was that snowy night in
Flagstaff, I carried the heavy stuffs walking on the slippery
ground,cursing about snow and the long way, cursing about my fiancé and
loneliness, I was the most miserable person in the world because no one
got me out of the slippery long way. Suddenly, street lights were on, I
looked up seeing the snow slowly falling on the ground like thousands of
butterflies without their wings.At that moment, I felt I was a hero. But
when I am in Manchester, things will be different. I will no longer have
that deep hatred and appreciation for life as it will be too easy for
me. Easy means optimism, optimism means shallowness,shallow means
acceptance, but I reject it.

  • 名称:CVB-43/加勒比海/科拉l Sea 航空母舰
  • 建筑时间:1944年七月10日
  • 下水时间:1946年9月2日
  • 当兵时间:1947年12月1日
  • 现状:2000年9月8日拆除
  • 成立厂:纽波特纽斯造船厂
  • 满排吨位:50000吨以上


“You seek the extreme profound significance of everything. Okay, it
makes you interesting, but when people get close to you, it’s dangerous
and painful.” He said, the boy I decided to fall love with when I was
fifteen years old. When I try my best to in search of his face in my
memory, I sadly find that his face is vague, but in dreams that face
becomes familiar and clear, I become that helpless young girl, crying
and asking but no one gives me precise answer. When I wake up, I feel
strange about that face. Who is he? Oh, he is my first love. Where is he
now? I don’t know.We haven’t been met for almost 5 years. I swear that
I’ve never thought of him when I am awake. He just constantly comes into
my dream, sitting at a chair and telling about our stories. I can
definitely accept those stories, but I just can’t accept myself. Other
girls may define their high school age as relaxed,crazy, innocent or
some other words they appreciate. While, I would like to use“dark” to
describe those three years when I was in high school and even now I am
still not sure the darkness has vanished, I would rather say the
darkness just changed into another friendly face living inside me. I am
living with the darkness in harmony—it stays at a corner of me
quietly, usually not disturbing me, but when I encounter the exceeding
frustration I realized that all of my attempts are attributed to driving
this quiet darkness. Okay, I admit that actually I am still that
helpless young girl in high school. I am not being mature, I just know
how to conceal something. Growing up means concealing?

CVB-43/珊瑚海/Coral Sea。转身离开,分手说不出来。


Insist and Abandon


  • 编制:3,583人
  • 舰长:295米
  • 型宽:41.45米
  • 满载排水量:60,100吨
  • 续航距离:20000公里/15节; 服役:15000海里/15节
  • 航速:33节

Appreciation and Rejection



  • (1)18×马克16五寸炮

  白海号航空母舰(USS 科拉(Cora)l

All goals are outside struggling







Calm and Furious


Sober and Confused

All deep meanings are outside expression


This hell is built by ourselves



Hey, Buddy, Let’s go


Wisdom is innocent


Vacancy is full


All the getting is outside the losing


Profoundness is shallow


Strength is weak


All the attempts are outside the possibilities


This hell is built by ourselves


September in 2011, the night was still hot. Several young guys were
drunk badly, laughing wildly and shouting to each other in front of the
police office.

“Fuck you! Dick!”


“Hey,buddy, I would let you witness what kind of sex would happen after
drinking alcohol!”




Their laughter crept through my ears like thunder at stormy night sky. I
had never seen this kind of crazy scene. However, I was a member of
crazy people because now I was sitting at the police office. Besides me
were my parents. All cops were busy with dealing with the chaos of those
young guys and ignored me and my parents. Of course, compared to those
dangerous people, our case was too little.


“Tell me, why such a terrible person attracts you?” Mom asked me, with
her repressed wrath.


I kept silent. I definitely could understand my mother’s confusion. Such
a terrible person… Yes, he was. Dark, dangerous, moody, deceptive… Yes,
look at my first love, how terrible the person was. I smiled.


Looking at my smile, my father signed. I could sense their deep
disappointment for me.They had used to be proud of their lovely
daughter—the girl who possessed a quiet smile, who was good at writing
beautiful sentences. Now, it seemed that their daughter had lost her
self-esteem. She was emotionless and obsessed with a cage built by a
terrible boy. She was only 16 years old. She should have a bright
future. She should experience best part of love before she understood
the cruelty of love. But cruelty came first, how could she continue her
love?She ran out of her love too early.


Hours ago, that terrible boy took a knife coming to my house. He yelled
loudly out of my door, like a wolf with a pair of bloody eyes. He was
crazy. He said that the best ending for us was to go to hell together
and then all the pain disappeared. He used the big knife knocking on my
door wildly. He lost his sensibility and all he desired was to revenge
and hurt me. He thought he loved me but why I couldn’t leave everything
behind, why I had to care about my study my parents my future my
self-esteem and all the things except him. I thought I love him, why he
couldn’t be loyal, be considerate be calm and neutral. When love
happened at a young age, everything was wrong then. I was not mature and
brave enough to tell my parents that I fell love with a boy when I was
just 16.I had to hide my love as an ugly secret because in the Chinese
perspective, the only thing for adolescents was working hard to be
admitted by Universities or their future would be totally ruined. Love
was taboo for adolescents,especially for me, whose parents were decent
and sophisticated. I thought I was doing a kind of thing ruining their
great expectation for me and I felt choked.I needed a real breath. I was
like the sea, only presenting my peaceful side to my parents, but when
dusk came, I had to show my strong waves to someone else.If this person
had the same strong wave as me then I would fall love with him.I loved
him, at that time.